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Black and Decker Mastercart Rolling Tool Box Review

For people who love to do things on their own, it is very important for them to have storage for their stuff. They know that having a rolling tool box is something that they must have. Aside from the portability, space is never an issue as there are many compartments.

If you check out the Black and Decker Mastercart Tool Box, you would probably say that this is the most ingenious thing that someone has ever made. At least you can tag along this thing wherever fixing is needed.


A rolling tool chest like the Black and Decker Mastercart Tool Box has dimensions of 18 x 10.6 x 24.4 inches. Because of that large handle, it makes carrying easier. You also do not have to worry about having sore hands afterwards because there is a cushion grip.

The wheels of this toolbox are positioned in an upright position for easy mobility. More so, individuals do not have to worry about things getting lost because it has a lockable cabinet. In addition, the toolbox has a removable organizer in the front.

Customer Feedback

These rolling tool boxes received favorable feedback from their customers. Most of them thanked the manufacturer for its portability and its ability to house so much stuff. The compartments are just about the size that they want for the things that will stay in this container. The lower part of the container is able to house some tools like drills, electric screwdriver and even a jigsaw. This is what makes the customers happy about it.

However, they did have some problems with the handle length of the tool box especially if the person is around 6 feet tall. They wish that the manufacturer would make the same tool box but with the longer length for the handle. The handle length for the present containers is just not working for them.

If you plan to purchase this container, you can get it between $68.99 and $59.99 from and Ace Hardware. You can never go wrong with this container because you’re doing yourself a favor.