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Stanley FatMax 4-in1 Rolling Tool Chest Review

Are your tools strewn around? Don’t you think it’s time to put them in a safe place and be organized? And as you go thinking about my suggestion, why not try the Stanley Consumer Storage 020800R FatMax 4-in1 Mobile Work Station for Tools and Parts.


A top-notch 4-piece rolling tool chest organizer which gives full access to your tools and one which is perfect for trotting along because of its rollers. It has a tool box, tray, organizer and large bottom bin good for plumbers, electricians, and repair professionals who re-stock their tool kits from time to time as they go from one job to another.

Not only that, it can also be converted to an easy carry-on workstation. The top is a lid with a V-groove track that can withstand the weight of any material for sawing and cutting. Thus, adding durability to its mane. And to keep your things secure, a large front latch automatically locks the unit when pushed closed.


Good for hand tools, these rolling tool boxes unit has four shelves which features heavy duty ball bearing slides and tool holder. Made of metal, the mobile cart has dimensions of 17″ Length x 22″ Width x 29″ Height and 7” casters. A patented tiered cantilever four-way storage space with a rolling system made of structural foam that is state-of-the-art and prevents easy breakage. A telescopic handle and latch system for easy closing are one of the most amazing features.

The Pros

This particular Stanley rolling tool chest item has a lot of compartment gives a lot of spare space to put your tools into. Its deep and big storage spaces can hold big drills. This sturdy set of rolling tool box can hold much weight despite heavy load and easy to roll around because of its rollers. Nice metal latches that keeps hold of items for grooming show horses. Easy to access and is a great organizer.

It allows one to pull tools whenever needed thus saving hours for searching tools. So handy, the boxes could slide together or be apart! It is much better than having tool boxes strung around. Something that you should definitely look for in an organizer because of its rooms for hand held tools. Carefully-built and well-planned structure, totally portable! Showing all the compartments outright at one opening, you don’t have to pick up the sections one by one. The best in design and function it can condense your tools into one saving space.

The Cons

Besides its latches which are made of metals, the entire tool box is almost made of plastic which can be subject to occasional wear and tear. One may be unsure if it will hold up in cold weather. It may not be conducive to hold the weight of heavy equipments like carpentry tools and suitable only for light weights.


At a stash down price from $99.99 at Amazon, compare with other online stores.